Technology Security Workshop

A Workbench for All

Laptops - safe use (business travel and wifi). Make sure your business is using the latest security standards in this workbench for all.

This workbench is designed to take a deep look into the realm of tech security, with a focus on laptops and the impact computing on the go has on security.

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Date & Time

Arrival fat 11:15 am
Workbench begins at 11:30 am
Workbench conclusion at 1:00 pm

Location & Navigation

Hosted at
RFX Technologies Conference Center in Louisville, KY

8901 Greeneway Commons Pl.
STE 100
Louisville, KY 40220-4069

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Who is Invited?

This workbench is by invitation only.

Please get in touch with us if you're interested in joining the list for this workbench.

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